Surveing and Removal

We have extensive asbestos removal experience in a range of sectors; including demolition, government agencies, health authorities, industrial, commercial and residential properties, manufacturing, retail and education, as well as contaminated land remediation.

Any area where Asbestos is present will be sealed off using polythene and timber to create an airtight enclosure, which will contain asbestos airborne fibres. In addition, controlled wetting techniques such as spraying and injection, and, or air monitoring practices may be employed to ensure control levels are never exceeded and that the area concerned is safe for reoccupation.

Any contaminated waste is securely double bagged and sealed in asbestos waste sacks, appropriately labelled and safely deposited at a licenced waste transfer station.

To complete the process, thorough decontamination procedures will remove all remaining debris, residues and traces of the asbestos removal works from surfaces and the surrounding locality.